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Performances at the A.L.A.D

The Amy-Leigh Academy of Dance puts on outstanding Shows along with Dance & Acro Demonstrations for friends and family to enjoy. The whole school are encouraged to participate at these events which are held in July.

Take a look at our gallery and testimonials of past Shows & Demonstrations 

"Huge well done for yesterday. All the girls and boys danced brilliantly. My husband was really impressed too as hasn’t seen the girls dance for a while!"
"Thank you for all your work with our girls and a lovely afternoon!"
"Just wanted to say congratulations on a fantastic show this afternoon.  The dancers have all put in so much effort along with you and Ellie and it shows. Even her Dad (who hasn’t seen her dance since last years show) commented on how much she has improved.  Finally her confidence has grown especially with her starting competing this year.  It’s makes me so proud to watch her.  She is even taking dance as a GCSE! Thank you and well done."

"Loved the show so much. The dancers worked so hard  all afternoon. They all looked so happy and to be enjoying themselves. Thank you Ellie and Amy for all you do for these children as well as those who work in the background  to make things like this possible. My Grandaughter loves to show us her moves."

"Congratulations on a lovely show on Sunday."


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