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Acrobatics training taught by ACROTRIX fully Insured & fully Qualified Teachers. 


Acro training is on offer at the academy every Monday in Linton taught by the number 1 Acro and Teacher training eduction, AcroTrix.

Choosing to take Acro classes aids strength and flexibilitly development and provides a safe environment to learn and flourish. Students from ages 5-15 and all abilities from beginner to advance are welcome to come and try this class!

Acrobatics is commonly referred to as the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and acrobatics elements. This style focuses on body contortion and tricks that defy the centre of gravity. Whereas gymnasts execute in straight lines, dancers aim to fit Acrobatics elements seamlessly into their choreography without stopping in-between tricks. A.L.A.D offers this style under AcroTrix syllabus.

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Why we love Acro?

Helps our core strength, improves confidence and coordination and we can express ourselves with creativity and impressive skills!

What will I learn in Acro?

Skills include:

  • Splits / Flexibility for acro

  • Conditioning & Exercises specific to Acro

  • Rolls and variations

  • Different Cartwheels

  • Walkover techniques

  • Round off and tumbling techniques

  • and more

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