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Dance Quest by A.L.A.D is a brand new, unique open dance competition in Cambridge!

Dance Quest brings together dance schools to showcase their best talent.

Dance Quest is a great event for competitors new to the world of competitive dance. Visitors can be part of and watch a fantastic day of dancing and awards!

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Age Divisions & Events

Dance Quest includes the following age divisions:

 U6 • U8 • U10 • U12 • U14 • O14

Dance Quest includes the following events;

Teams • Disco Solo • Disco Pairs • Rock N Roll Pairs • Street or Slow solo 

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Recalls & Results 

Each Competitor will have the the opportunity to dance for one adjudicator. If they are successful in their rounds they will receive recalls into the latter stages of their categories. Dance quest has up to four scrutineers to ensure the day runs efficiently and effectively! Each final will be placed by the adjudicator from 1st-7th place. Trophies will be awarded from 1st-3rd place and medals from 4th-7th place. Our awards are specifically designed to make our events show stopping! 

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Team entry music to be submitted to A.L.A.D before the event. Other music will be selected by the event organiser. 

Official Photography 

The official photographer for this event is Mr Jason Edwards. 

The latest event photos are now available to view!

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