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Frequently Asked Questions

See below a selection of answer to our most frequently asked questions about classes, competitions, workshops and exams.

  • What styles of dance do you teach?
    We teach Disco Freestyle, Rock N Roll, Slow Lyrical, Acro, Street & Stamina/Stretch. More information can be found here.
  • What should my child wear to classes?
    Each pupil must wear A.L.A.D uniform to classes and girls must have their hair tied back into a bun. Pupils should bring Jazz shoes and trainers to every dance class. Any non uniform items should not be worn to dance class. Uniform can be purchased through our online shop.
  • How do I book classes?
    Follow this link: to book your child in for private or group classes Alternatively, go to the main menu and select 'Classes' under 'What We Offer'. Private Lessons We recommend booking private classes 1 month in advance. Although you can only book one slot at a time, we recommend taking the time to book in for multiple week a month in advance to make sure you get your preferred slot. Group Classes Group classes are booked one half term at a time (head to our Classes page to see term dates), and you will receive an email when booking has opened for the next half term.
  • How many classes does my child need?
    Unless your child is part of our competition squad, there is no minimum number of classes they should take. If your child is part of our competition squad, they must attend one other dance class each week (excluding competition pairs class) in addition to competition squad training.
  • Why do I need to book so far in advance?
    Private and group classes must be booked in advance so that our team can organise venue hire.
  • Does my child need to have regular private lessons to attend competitions?
    Although it is encouraged, it is not compulsory for your child to have private lessons if they would like to attend competitions.
  • How do I book competition tickets?
    Tickets must be purchased through the website at the following link: When purchasing competition tickets, please ensure you purchase the correct number of Competitor tickets and Spectator tickets so that our team can clearly see how many competitors we have going. You will be able to see all details including the location, directions and timings. When you purchase your tickets, you will receive an email with an e-ticket. This is not your real ticket. Wristbands will be given out during lesson time which will allow you to enter the building at the competition venue.
  • What do I need to bring to competitions?
    When attending a competition, please remember the following: • Plenty of water • Snack • Packed lunch • Costume • Dance shoes ...And don't be late!
  • Does my child have to attend every competition the academy is going to?
    Although ISTD competitions are compulsory for members of the A.L.A.D competition squad, Open competitions are optional.
  • I missed the deadline, can I still order tickets?
    All tickets for competitions must be purchased before the cut-off date. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions.
  • What costume should my child wear for a competition?
    Please contact Amy about ordering costumes. See example below:
  • How often do workshops take place?
    Workshops take place during school holidays.
  • How long do workshops last?
    Workshops typically last between 11am - 2pm.
  • What does my child need to bring with them?
    Pupils will need to wear their uniform or workshop T-Shirt and bring the following: • Plenty of water • Snacks • Dance shoes
  • How often do exams take place?
    Exams take place at least once a year.
  • Does my child need to take exams?
    Exams are not compulsory but they are very valuable because they provide the development of strong technique, artistry and quality of movement. Exams are, however, compulsory for our competition squad.
  • Where and when do exams take place?
    You can find all details about timings and locations when you book your exam.
  • How do I know which exam 'ticket' to choose?
    Your child will have been told which exam they will be taking and be provided with a slip so you will know which option to select when booking for the exam. You won't need to bring proof of booking on the day.
  • What should my child wear to their exam?
    Full uniform must be worn to the exam. Amy will specify if any other costumes are required for the competition squad.
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