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Fundraising Since 2016

Amy-Leigh Academy Of Dance fundraises for all students of the school throughout the year. Amy is helped by her in house team along with parents and supporters of A.L.A.D. Our fundraising events have previously consisted of, exciting themed non uniform days, raffles, demonstration mornings, disco's and much more!


At A.L.A.D we are proud to have raised thousands of pounds since 2016 and we encourage everyone to get involved!


Local businesses who have supported us over the years

Working With The Best

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Sofia Haddock

Sofia Haddock - a longstanding student at the A.L.A.D raised over £1000 through the sale of raffle tickets to her local school with the help of her family.


Sofia is always willing to go above and beyond to show her support for A.L.A.D fundraising events.

Thank you Sofia!

Show Costumes 

Fundraising and event sponsorship has helped purchase costumes styled specifically for A.L.A.Ds renowned dance shows.


Here are some of our highlights!

  • Over the last 6 years, the A.L.A.D has individually created over 700 costumes that have been lovingly designed to each of our unique dancers. We are conscious of our impact on the environment therefore we reuse all of our fantastic costumes!

  • We have completed 4 large productions since launching the academy and we look forward to many more. Amy, along with her amazing team work on costume creations many months before the show. With the financial and emotional support of our families we are able to be creative and unique with all that we do!

Show 2022_10.jpeg



Equipment is used in every Dance and Acro class from scarfs, balls, teddy bears, air tracks and much more!


Fundraising has given us the opportunity to grow the equipment stock to support all Dancers and Acro students taking classes with us. The equipment also provides the opportunity to develop dancer body sculpt warm ups and exercises under the Radar Technique and Acrotrix syllabus!


It is highly encouraged that use of equipment is at home as well as in classes to see the best progress. Amy often lends students equipment to use at home if they do not have access to any at that time or advises on the best offers for the equipment used in classes!

We are hopeful with more fundraising efforts, the stock can grow even further!

Christy Haddock 

Christy Haddock - A dance Mum at A.L.A.D who has recently created several of the amazing Hampers!


Christy donates all of the prizes and the hamper in all its glory! Before Christy created the full hampers, parents of the academy supported donations to contribute to the Hampers. If you are keen to get involved please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you Christy for all of your time and support creating our prizes!

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